Without a doubt, the quality that sets humans apart from other animals is our extraordinary imagination.

Take a moment to watch children at play and you'll experience the magic that comes from human imagination firsthand. Creative thought is what turns the mundane into the marvelous. It's what fills our museums, lines our bookshelves, and covers our walls. It's the clothes we wear, the videos we binge, the tunes we hum in the shower, and the stories we tell (and retell) to our kids.

Most importantly, imagination is what makes it possible for humans to build a future that does not yet exist. With the many wicked problems threatening our world, it's the creative ones we must turn to to imagine a better way forward — which is why we're focusing on helping up-and-coming creators.

Our romantic goal is: Can we make tools that allow more people to make a living as creators?

For far too long, the success of the "struggling artist" has been blocked by predatory middlemen in fancy suits. At the expense of creators, talent managers and advertisers have flipped the script on what it means to be creative.

But here's the secret: there's a revolution underway.

We strongly believe in the power of the internet to reshape the creative landscape by returning financial independence to creators. Andy Warhol said that “art is whatever you can get away with.” At July, we get excited by the opportunity to give creators superpowers... to smash through walls, build new worlds, and get away with more.

Across all industries, creative people are the ones that really move things forward. They provoke emotion and compel action. So we're going "all in" on the future of the creator economy by betting on you, the creators, to build it. Because when you win, we all win, and that's a future we damn sure want to be a part of.

Much love to all creators,

The July Team ☀️