Hi 👋🏽!

We're JULY — a team of passionate founders and product leaders determined to build better tools for creators. Our first mission is to launch a platform that will enable creators to automate their businesses so that they can spend more time on what matters: sharing their knowledge, passions, and journeys with the world.

We're assembling a global team of driven, diverse people to create products with tangible impact. We're currently closing our seed round and have the support we need to get this right.

Passionate about the passion economy? We're currently hiring:
💻  Full Stack Engineers
Not an engineer but still keen to learn more? Above all else, we care that you want to contribute to JULY’s mission. If you have something valuable to bring to the table, please shoot us a message at — we’d love to hear from you. We'll be hiring for people in design, product, marketing, and ops over the next 12 months, and would love to hear from you!
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