December 15, 2022

July raises $2.3M to help creators automate brand deals

Hello friends 👋 We have some big news!

For those of you that don’t know us — July is the only platform that automates brand deals so creators can focus on what matters: creating great content. It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce our $2.3M pre-seed led by Alexis Ohanian’s Seven Seven Six.

“If you’re a creator, you need to be using July," said Ohanian. "July is the best way for a creator to streamline their business and land more brand deals. You can save hours of time, drive more revenue, and automate your entire business. It’s essentially a talent manager in your pocket."

Also participating in the round are Ben Taft’s Genius Ventures, Cory Levy (Z Fellows), Adam Guild (, Kian Sadeghi (Nucleus Genomics) & numerous other incredible angels.

Our Mission

At July, our mission is to enable more people to make a living as creators. For far too long, the success of the "struggling artist" has been constrained by advertisers and talent managers who overcharge and under-deliver. At the expense of creators, these middlemen have blurred the lines between creation and sustainable monetization. At July, we’re working to reshape the creative landscape by returning control and financial independence to creators.

Looking backward

What started as a "nights & weekends" project to help our creator friends secure more brand deals quickly became an incredibly powerful tool. Before we knew it, we had built a solution that gave creators superpowers — putting them back in the driver’s seat of their own businesses. Immediately, we got to work on making it available to everyone.

Today, July is powering one of the fastest-growing segments of businesses in the world — creators. With July’s beta app, you can:

  • Pitch yourself to any brand on the internet with one click
  • See which creators other brands are working with
  • Automate your outreach process
  • Get paid what you’re worth with high-converting templates
  • Say goodbye to Net 30 with instant payments (FastPay)
Looking forward

This next phase of July is all about growth — expanding our team (we’re hiring!), our product offering (autopilot 🤫) and providing MORE value to creators of every size. Across all industries, creative people define our culture and inspire us to become the best versions of ourselves. Now, more than ever, we must turn to creatives to imagine a better way forward. With the money we’ve raised, we're going all in on the future of the creator economy by betting on you, the creators, to build it.

To all the creators, investors, friends, and family who have supported us so far... thank you. We couldn’t have made it here without you. If what we were able to accomplish with a small team — and a little bit of elbow grease — says anything, it’s that we’re just getting started!

Much ❤️ to all creators, big and small,

The July Team

P.S. If the future of the creator economy gets you excited, drop us a line.

We’re growing quickly and would love to bring you on board!

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