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Powerful tools to help you land brand deals, manage partnerships, and get paid on time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does July actually cost?

Side Hustle: Literally NOTHING — zero dollars and zero cents! No monthly fees or invoicing transaction costs.

Career: $30/month — no invoicing transaction costs, but access to FastPay which is 2.5%.

How many brands are currently on July?

There are thousands of brands on July, and we're adding more every day! We only add brands that are working with creators, so you can be sure that you're outreach is well received.

How does FastPay work?

With FastPay, creators can say goodbye to Net 30 and get their invoices paid instantly! When you send an invoice using July Payments, we verify the details and notify you if FastPay is available.

Once your invoice has been approved you can get paid out immediately for a 2.5% FastPay transaction fee. FastPay is not required to use July Payments (zero fees).

Can July replace my manager?

Thats a great question. Our short answer? Yes, in most cases. Our vision is to replace talent managers completely, but we're just getting started!

Does July work on mobile?

July is optimized for desktop, but is fully functional on mobile as well! We will be further improving our mobile experience soon.

How do I get on the Autopilot program?

Our Autopilot program is currently invite only. You can get an invite from one of our current members or from our team reaching out to you directly from within the app.

Does July work for creators that are not based in the US?

Yes! However, our current database is focused on brands that are working with creators in the USA. Our payments tool also only supports those based in the US. Expect an increase in the number of countries we support soon!